What are the basic car maintenance tips for new drivers?

Car Maintenance Tips for New Driver

Just as we human beings take care of our health from time to time, the same is the case with cars. Cars require proper maintenance at regular intervals to be able to function properly. Apart from getting your car serviced from time to time, you also need to adopt some basic habits or a change in your car driving style to maintain your vehicle and get it in proper shape which is equally important.

Below mentioned are some basic car maintenance tips for new drivers. Let’s have a look at these tips.

  1. Keep a proper check on the fluid levels. The fluids include motor oil, power steering fluid, and coolant. Regulating the flow of fluids from time to time is one of the best ways to maintain and enhance a car’s performance.
  2. Keep the owner’s manual with you. As it is very difficult to remember the do’s and don’ts or some installation procedure or anything important in the car every time.
  3. Adhere to the warning signals. Learn what each of the warning signals means or if you are unable to figure out at once, then take your car to the trusted mechanic right away.
  4. Check the tire pressure once per month and add air if needed. Both overinflation and underinflation are dangerous. So ensure that you never over-inflate your car’s tyres.
  5. Be aware of your car’s operations. Make sure that you understand your car pretty well and can feel any sort of vibration, bump, or can understand when anything goes wrong with the car.
  6. Apart from the operational part, cars do make a lot of audible sounds. You just need to pay close attention, if you hear any abnormal sounds.
  7. Assure that you keep a check on the lighting system of the car and get the bulbs replaced if need be.
  8. Inspect your cars on a daily basis. Keep a check for any damage to the car, wiper blades of the car, wear and tear of the tyres of the car, or other things which you think needs care from time to time.
  9. Keep your car clean by scheduling proper washing and waxing sessions for your car. This helps in protecting the car’s paint and also prevention from rust.

Make sure you are following all the tips mentioned above to have a well-maintained car.

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