Some of us keep nothing in our cars while there are some who have there cars loaded with all the necessary as well as some unnecessary stuff. Somewhere in between this, it is very essential to ensure that you keep all the things listed below always in the back of your car. Because keeping a manual and proof of insurance in your car enough is certainly not doing any justice.

One should always be prepared for the unavoidable circumstances that might hit you and hence to ensure your safety amidst such cases, make sure you have all the important things mentioned below in your car.

  1. First Aid Kit
    You can either assemble a kit of your own or buy a prepackaged one from the market. To be even surer, you can also pack medications that you or any family member might need.
  2. Water Bottles
    This is the most important thing to have in your car as having water bottles beside you will quench your thirst, might help you in cleaning off your clothes, or might also be used to pour in your car radiators if your vehicle overheats.
  3. Flashlight
    With the advent of the flashlight on phones nowadays, people tend to neglect to keep a flashlight with them in their cars. A rock-solid, waterproof spotlight will permit you to investigate the hood and make nighttime vehicle mishaps less alarming. Simply ensure you have additional batteries.
  4. Warm Clothing
    If your car is stuck in the snow and the car heater is also not working properly, then it is the warm clothing and blankets that plays its role. You can keep blankets, sweatshirts, jackets, etc, to in your trunk and that can be a lifesaver if temperature drops.
  5. Snacks
    There can be situations when you are unable to find a perfect place to eat while you are travelling. Keeping in mind such situations it is important that you carry some ready to eat stuff with you like nuts, cereals, granola bars, seeds, etc.
  6. Spare Tire
    This is the most important thing to have in possession and also one should have the knowledge of how to install it. In the situation of a flat tire, this is useful as you can replace the old tire with the spare one.
  7. Tire Inflator
    Having a tire inflator in your car is a lifesaver, as it enables your car to just reach the nearby mechanic or auto shop and plugs the leak in the meantime.
  8. Duct Tape
    It is useful to keep duct tape in your car as its adhesive strength, durability and water-resistant properties help you in dealing with small wear and tears of the car.
  9. Tool Kit
    If your car is far from a repair shop, then a basic toolkit acts as a lifesaver when your car breaks down. Consider keeping things, for example, a tire gauge, screwdrivers, oil, brake liquid, radiator fluid, and a folding knife in your toolbox. In light of your climatic changes and your degree of vehicle ability, you can likewise incorporate things, for example, an ice scraper, collapsible shovel, and froth tire sealant.
  10. Emergency Flares
    Obviously busy roads, crowded junctions or a blind turn is certainly not a good place for your car to stall, but unexpected things happen as this is life. Always ensure that you carry emergency flares and keep them in the trunk of your to warn your presence to the passers-by.
  11. Jumper Cables
    If your car’s batteries die then jumper cables will come to your rescue in that case and will help get back on the road. Attach the jumper cables you have to the positive and negative battery terminals of another person’s car and make sure you are following the instructions as guided.
  12. Gloves
    You need to keep two types of gloves in your car i.e one pair of disposable gloves and other is a pair of thick gloves. Thick gloves will be required if you are doing heavy-duty work on your car and disposable gloves for if by chance you are required to treat an injured person.
  13. Umbrella
    One should keep an umbrella in the trunk of your car if you don’t want to get wet.
  14. Paper Towels
    Paper towels are essential as they help you in investigating any problems in the car’s hood. Paper towels can be used to clean up a spill or handle any other issue with the vehicle.

Adhere to all the important points mentioned above and don’t forget to keep all these things in your car wherever you go out in your car.

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