Where To Advertise Your Car For Cash in NJ

Still not able to figure out where you can advertise your car? Do not worry. The internet is here and advertising has never been so easy! Ensure that you list your vehicle with a detailed description and good photos whenever you are all set to sell it off. Post this ad on a trustworthy classified service portal so as to entice potential buyers. In this article, we have enlisted certain mediums for you to post your car’s ads in a hassle-free manner. Using these platforms will surely help you to sell off your car easily.

Online Ads

Online is a very generic term. Agreed! But did you ever consider listing your car online? It surely is a good way to advertise your vehicle to scores of buyers all over NJ and outside.
Some reputable websites you may consider are as follows:

1. eBay Motors – It is for that matter one of the biggest classified ad collections for used cars. On eBay, you can sell your car both locally and nationally. While the auction format is popular, it could be risky for you as a seller. So, choose to set a ‘Reserve price’ OR a ‘Fixed amount’ in case auctioning gives you the creeps.

2. Cash for Cars Site – It is also one of the best places to put an ad for selling your car. The ad space is extremely reasonable and you will find genuine buyers on this site.

3. Cars.com – It is owned by several newspaper groups. It is a huge car listing and at the same time, a great place to advertise your used car. You may also use certain alternative selling options like offers from dealers that may let you compare certain offers, avoid price haggling etc.

4. Auto trading sites – These sites have more used car ads than new ones. Hence competition will be high but this can be good or bad depending on how it gets looked at. While the ad created has to be fairly detailed, it will take you some time to set it up. So, filter potential buyers especially if they are not serious.

5. Kelley Blue Book – It is a leading car pricing guide sourcebook. Used cars can be listed here too and the process to do it is very easy. You can meet a multitude of potential buyers as well as check out other selling options.

6. Local Dealer – Cash offers and trade-in values might as well be redeemed at a local dealer.

7. Social media – Use Facebook and Instagram to locate buyers in your area. Create window stickers with a QR code to promote the car while you are out.

8. Craigslist – Craigslist can also help you sell off that old car. Best part, its free!

9. Print Advertising – Leverage the power of print ads in newspapers. It may sound traditional but it is effective. A few options you should consider include the following.

10. For Sale Signages – In case the car is still driveable, put a sign on the window. It will grab some eyeballs for sure. This is an easy and free method too.

11. Local Newspapers – Target the automotive section of your local newspaper. Newspapers actually reach people in higher income brackets, hence making it a great option. Include all the essential information and push the details for later.

12. Other Free Publications – Free publications for used car ads are available in NJ. If you want to sell your car for cash, you can target these. They are available at local grocery stores, service station lobby etc. Put your ads in them to sell your car.

13. Magazines – Used car ads are also printed at the back of car magazines. Check these out as well for an ad space.
What should my ad include?

Your ad should include the following:
• Your contact numbers
• Make, model, and year
• Asking price
Hopefully, these tips will help you sell off your car easily.

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