When you are all set to sell an old piece of junk or a working car privately in New Jersey, you may carry it out easily. Just a tad little bit of research and organized paperwork will help you sail smoothly through the car sale. Chances are high that you may get lucky with a profitable sale.

This is a simple step-by-step guide on selling a car in NJ for cash. This guide will help you determine your automobile’s actual worth, assemble paperwork, get the car ready for the deal, clicking pics, advertising, creating an advertisement, filtering out potential buyers, preparing a sales pitch, negotiating the deal, finalizing the sale.

Determining the car’s actual worth –
More often than not, selling a vehicle privately for cash drills down to profit gained. The decision largely depends on what the car is worth in reality. Some resources that help you estimate your vehicle’s present market value are – The Kelley Blue Book and NADA Guides. In case your old car worth more than you imagined, sell it for cash instead of giving up on it at a meager trade-in value at a local dealership.

• Assembling the paperwork –
Complete this process at the beginning itself. You will save yourself embarrassment, and time. This will help you sell off the car privately for cash. New Jersey has its own requirements for required car related paperwork. Possess the following for a smooth transaction:

The title. Sign the title and give it to the new owner.

Maintenance records. Furnish all documents on scheduled maintenance. They will surely increase the value and dependability of this car. You can get them from a local dealership or mechanic too.

Bill of sale. This document outlines terms and conditions during disputes. Have it in place to save yourself from post-sale liabilities.

The release of Liability. This will save you from damages incurred after vehicles are sold.
Warranty documents. Your car can be under manufacturer’s warranty. Furnish these documents to the buyer.
As-is documentation. In case of no warranties, this document tells that potential owner has to assume all car maintenance responsibility.

Getting the car ready for the D day – Wash and wax your car’s exterior. Do not forget to clean the rims and tires. Install new floor mats after vacuuming the floor, seats, and trunk. Also, scrub the windows inside out.

Clicking pics –
Click multiple shots from various angles. Select the best selection on creating an ad. Some shots you must include are The exterior, front, rear, both sides, interior, front and back seats, trunk, dashboard, carpets, wheels, and engine.

• Creating an advertisement –
Advertise your vehicle correctly. Try online classified service to bump into potential buyers. When you create an ad, include the following information.

Asking price.
Vehicle condition.
Accident history.
Recent repairs.
VIN number.
A number of owners.

• Filtering out potential buyers –
Respond to incoming inquiries. Beware of fraud. You have to identify legitimate candidates. Ask for full name, payment related clarity, and address.

• Preparing a sales pitch –
If the buyer is willing to come to you, prepare a sales pitch to communicate why this car is better than the rest in the market. Size up the driver and pitch your car’s benefits clearly.

• Negotiating the deal –
Make a counteroffer. Don’t be afraid.

• Finalizing the sale –
Finalize all paperwork with complete clarity.
Note: Remember to strike off your car from your insurance policy too.

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