How to Increase the Lifespan of Car Tires?

A car’s tires are the one part that remains in touch with the tarmac at all times. Be it rough roads, curvy, or even the most treacherous terrains, it is the car tires that go through all and are responsible for providing you the cushioning and maintaining the grip at all times. It is not recommended to overlook the correct maintenance of the tires. Below are a few tips on how to increase the life of car tires.

Tips to Extend the Life of Car Tires

  • Avoid Sudden Braking and Hard Acceleration
    It is recommended to avoid hard acceleration or heavy braking as it is not good for your car’s tires. The high friction generation while accelerating or braking too hard is the main cause. While you can’t avoid braking hard in order to avoid accidents, it’s best to avoid heavy acceleration or braking unnecessarily. An even treadwear should help you extract the most out of your tires.
  • Using OEM-spec Wheels and tires
    We do not recommend changing the rims and tires of your cars for a higher aesthetic appeal as it disturbs at least one of the many parameters that have been taken into account by the manufacturer.
  • Correct Air Pressure
    It is one of the most important factors that you need to take care of at all times. Maintain the correct tire pressure and make sure that they are neither over nor underinflated. The best decision is to follow what manufacturer-specified air pressure is.
  • Regular Wheel Alignment
    Regular wheel alignment ensures even tread wear on all the tires. Also, through this, any malfunctioning component of the suspension comes to your notice. Therefore, it is important to ensure your tires and your car’s suspension components are in good shape at all times whenever the car is on the roads.
  • Tyre Rotation
    You should make sure to rotate the wheels of your car at regular intervals. Also, not forget that the spare wheel should be put to use at regular intervals as this will help you with ensuring even tread wear on all five tires.

Adhere to the above recommendations in order to ensure a long life for your tires. Also, following this will not only save your unnecessary expenditures but will also benefit you by offering you a pleasant driving experience.

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