What to do when car paint is fading?

There comes a lot when you need to fix the oxidation of your car’s paint. Let’s get deep into it about fixing up a painted surface that has begun to oxidize, looking dull and fading away. The first and foremost step is to clean away the oxidation. Once it is done you repeat the process again with clay detailing. This helps you restore the shine by polishing. But if your car has heavy oxidation (like completely dull, faded, chalky surface) then definitely we won’t assure you a complete restoration but yes there’s hope though that it can be restored to quite an extent. All you have to do is ensure that you use the least abrasive polish to get the best results. If done right, the oxidized part is removed.

Steps to Restore Faded Car Paint

  • Begin by washing the car thoroughly using a car washing liquid.
  • Followed by that use a clay bar to remove the dead paint and bonded contamination.
  • The next step is polishing the paint. It is a fun part. You will be requiring two different types of polish with 2 different grades. One is cutting polish (commonly called a compound) and the other is finishing polish.
    Cutting polish uses a micro-abrasive technology. It helps remove the top layer of damaged paint without harming the finish. Make sure that you remove as little paint as possible. After you are done with the application of cutting polish,next you need is finishing polish. The finishing polish uses chemical cleaners with extremely fine polish that gets deep in the paint’s pores and helps really bring up the shine.
  • The final step is to use a paint sealant.For a better protection and deeper shine you can choose to apply multiple coats.

Now that you know all the steps you need to follow in order to remove the oxidation from your car’s paint, follow these steps accordingly in proper order to ensure a smooth and shiny finish.

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