Servicing Guide And Maintenance Tips for BMW Car

When you have a premium car like BMW, you will want to keep that flawless and smooth driving experience for as long as possible. By following the BMW Car Servicing & Maintenance Tips, you can maximize its lifespan, health, and efficiency. So here are some tips to make sure that your BMW is well maintained.

BMW Car Servicing Guide And Tips

  • Inspection and oil changes
    For long-term care of the engine, it is important to perform oil changes every 5000 miles in BMW. Keeping the oil fresh is essential as impurities from prolonged use may lead to severe engine troubles. Also, the vehicle requires a full inspection approximately after every 20000 miles.
  • Check your brake pads and brake fluid
    Brake pads are very important for your safety and as they wear down, they become less effective. Therefore you should check the brake pads regularly and replace them if they get worn down. Your car’s brake fluid should also be exchanged every 30000 miles or every 3 years, whichever comes first.
  • Tire inflation and rotation
    Refer to your owner’s manual to check optimal tire pressure and keep the right pressure as the tires are responsible for running your car efficiently and optimally. For Crossovers and BMW SUVs, you should rotate the tires at every oil change, and in the case of Standard BMWs, the rotation should be done every other oil change.
  • Spark plugs
    Replacing spark plugs in your BMW depends on your engine. The proper running and firing of the engine are responsible due to spark plugs and without them, your car wouldn’t be able to run at all. Hence always follow the spark plug replacement schedule according to the engine of your car.

This guide will ensure that you can make your time with your 4 wheeled baby as fuss-free as possible. Apart from following this service guide and tips, get vehicle checks and regular servicing of your car done to maintain its reliability and keep it in tip-top shape.

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