Considering a few different cars makes while buying one for yourself or otherwise is fair enough. From Americans make to Japanese make, there are a lot of factors that make us ponder over things again and again. Let’s take a look at why are American cars seemingly less reliable than Japanese cars.

American Cars vs Japanese cars

  • Recall Rate
    American vehicles tend to have a higher recall rate than Japanese car models, so this is one of the first and foremost reasons why people prefer opting a Japanese car makes. Early recalls happen in the case of American cars as compared to Japanese cars. This is due to the fact that American cars are released fat too soon in the market, with very little testing.
  • Solid Engineering & Build Quality
    Yet another reason after higher recall rate is serious issues in solid engineering, build quality, and design. To point out a few some of them include issues indoor alignment, gaps in doors and windows, and also poorly designed frames. Also, there are several other usability issues that make it difficult to use cars effectively.
  • Style
    When it comes to styling, it really is a deadlock between Americans make and Japanese make car models, as style is one thing that is unique to everyone’s preferences and likings. However, Japanese Car Models tend to be more attractive and innovative owing to their beautiful aesthetics and sleek design.
  • Efficiency
    Having a car that gives you great mileage is of utmost importance to any new car buyer. The fuel efficiency of Japanese car models is any day better than American cars. Hence, this is yet another reason making American cars less reliable in comparison to Japanese Cars.

So, when it comes down to choosing the one for you, many people find Japanese cars to be better than American cars. However, the buyer must always weigh the pros and cons and also his/her needs and wants with the car that fits in their budget before choosing the absolute best for themselves.