What are the best ways to repair car body scratch?

Woke up to a long streak of the cross across your car’s body? Well, no need to panic as we’ve got you covered with our 5 best and life-saving hacks that might be helpful in repairing your car’s body scratch. One of the foremost things that should be done to repair a car body scratch is that you address it immediately, without delaying it much. Have a look at some of the temporary solutions that might be of great help in getting rid of your car’s body scratches. Please note these hacks are definitely not permanent and there are many other solutions available out there to treat the scratches on your car’s body.

5 Best Ways to Repair Car Body Scratch

  • Utilize good quality scratch repair kits
    You can make the use of high-quality scratch repair kits to get rid of the scratches on your car’s body. These kits are mostly intended for light to moderate scratches and surely work well on them as in those cases only the clear coat is damaged and the base coat is intact and remains unaffected. Nevertheless, the kit comes with a scratch filler, so you can definitely use it to treat those deep scratches temporarily.
  • Apply some toothpaste
    Using toothpaste to treat scratches be it for your CDs, DVDs has been a very old and helpful hack, all credit goes to its abrasive properties. Its scratch-removing abilities help you smoothen the affected surface in a jiffy thereby making the scratch less noticeable. This hack should be of great help to you until you can give your car for a professional scratch repair job.
  • Cover it with duct tape
    If the scratch runs through the entire length of your car then this hack might not be helpful as we are talking about covering the affected part with duct tape. Also, there are duct tapes available in different colors out there, so you can choose from those and apply without creating crease lines.
  • Cover it with touch-up paint or car color spray
    Covering up the scratches with car color spray or touch-up paint is unarguably one of the best choices if you are looking out for covering a small area. Also, there’s an anomaly with this hack i.e it works well with only light to moderate scratches. But since all we are talking about is temporary solutions, this is an effective way to cover up the scratch.
  • Turn it into an artwork
    If you have a thing for art, then why not turn the affected area into a great artwork. With the help of stickers and other similar material, you can mask the deep scratch by positioning it in a way that they direct eyes away from the affected area.

As we’ve discussed before also that these solutions are not permanent but surely help us a great chunk in reducing the severity of the problem until a more permanent solution is available for the car body’s scratch. Let us know if you find these hacks helpful.