Alloy Wheels Vs Steel Wheels: A Full Comparison

Choosing the right type of wheels for your car is very important as wheels are one of the highest impact components and vital for proper functioning of a vehicle. There are two main categories of wheels, alloy and steel wheels.

Alloy Wheels Vs Steel Wheels: Choosing The Right Type Of Wheels For Your Car

So here are the pros and cons of both the wheels, which will help you to make a comparison and choose the one which is better for your car.

An alloy is a mixture of various metals like aluminium and magnesium and alloy wheels are very appealing to the eye.


  1. It is lighter in weight and allows better handling.

2. Alloy wheels are best suited for high performance vehicles and sports cars.

3. It allows faster acceleration and also improves fuel economy.

4. There are more customization options available for alloy wheels.


  1. Alloy wheels are less durable than steel wheels.

2. They are expensive to buy and repair.

Steel wheels made up of steels are a cost effective alternative and are also stronger than alloy wheels.


  1. Steel wheels are extremely affordable, durable and easy to repair.

2. They are more flexible than alloy wheels and can absorb more shocks.

3. They are best suited for hardcore SUVs and High Mileage Vehicles.

4. Steel wheels are suitable for off-road and heavy duty applications.


  1. They are not suitable for wheels over 16” in diameter.

2. Steel wheels are heavier and offer less agile handling.

3. There are less customization options available for steel wheels.

4. It offers a lower fuel economy.

So steel wheels are durable, cheap and also much more resistant to shocks and stress. Whereas alloy wheels are stylish, attractive and suitable for high performance driving.

Choosing the right type of wheels for your car is one of the best upgrades you can make to your car. However it is recommended not to use steel wheels for a vehicle which was made for use with alloy wheels.