6 Signs Your Car Needs New Brakes

The brakes are one of the crucial components of a car and they hold the key to the working of other parts of the car as well. However, the wear and tear of brakes depend upon your driving style and the quality of parts. Here are the top signs your car needs new brakes.

Warning Signs You Need New Brakes

    A screeching sound while braking is a signal that your vehicle’s brake pads are beginning to wear out. The screech actually comes from a little piece of metal built into the brake pads. Ignoring this sound for long can destroy the brake rotors.
    You can take a quick look through the spokes of the wheels and get an idea about how much brake pad you have left. If the thickness of the brake pad is less than a quarter-inch, you probably need to get them replaced.
    If you feel a slight pull in either direction, while applying the brakes, it means that the brake linings are wearing unevenly or you have warped brake rotors. In this case, you should get your brake fluid refreshed or replace worn out parts.
    If your car is taking more than usual time to brake, this can be an indication of an expiring brake pad or a leak in the braking system. In such a case, you should schedule a brake service as soon as possible to avoid mishaps.
    If you feel vibrations or pulsations through the brake pedal, it is possible that you have warped brake rotors. It happens when the brake pads are not always in contact with the rotor.
    If you ignore the screeching sound, the grinding sound is the last stage of warning before the rotors completely give up. The sound comes from the metal plate rubbing against the rotor and it can also cause the brakes to stick.

If there is an issue with your brakes, you can even cause an accident. So for safety’s sake, keep your eyes and ears open while driving and pay close attention to the signs your car needs new brakes.