4 Handy Hints for Using Social Media to Sell Cars

Car shoppers across the USA treat social networking sites as important platforms to gather automobile data. The younger crowd, popularly known as ‘millennials’, give more importance to Twitter and Instagram than the seller’s website!

If you are interested to sell used cars and are still not on social media, you are committing a grave mistake. Get on the right track because social media has to potential to impact your sales by huge numbers. In this blog, we will discuss 4 handy hints to use social media to improve your car sales.

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  1. Add pictures – A Picture Can Speak A Thousand Words!

Every used car is unique and comes with its own set of features. While 2 cars of the same model can have identical trims and almost similar mileage, the overall performance of these cars may vary depending on usage and care.

As a result, visual marketing is crucial as it pays off by boosting sales for used cars. When you post about a car on social media, use high-quality photos for used car marketing. Images you use should throw the best possible light on your pre-owned model.

Try clicking good pictures yourself instead of using generic model pictures available online.

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  1. Use Multiple Social Media Channels – Facebook Alone Won’t Work!

All the social media sites act as major influencers. Your buyer’s decision is dependent on these sites. Ensure that you put a consistent message across on all the sites. All the social sites need to be integrated into your marketing strategy. Hence, a bland Facebook page will not work.

Apply a fully integrated social marketing approach. This will generate potential leads as well as boost your engagement with prospective customers. Also, the millennials are on Instagram and as a seller, you need to target them. While most dealers are on Facebook and Twitter, you need to seriously consider Instagram and Pinterest as well. Together they can deliver amazing results as they render great attention to detail through high-quality images. Add the right keywords to your alt text (or image description) so that your car images appear on google search results too!

  1. Add Videos – They Work The Best!

Visual marketing cannot be done any better than videos!

Videos can capture your prospects smartly and keep them engaged for a longer time. Eventually, they will get converted into leads as they will click on the link to your website or visit your dealership showroom.

Tell deep stories while making used car videos. Your story should have an engaging human touch and should highlight a lovingly cared for car. Your 60-second long video should tactically throw light on features too. 

  1. Leverage The Power of Ads – You Need to Churn Out Some Cash for This.

23% of car buyers use social media to find out about cars. So place ads to reach this set of people who are actually interested to buy a used car.

Add ads to your process for used cars marketing. Stick to your plan and schedule photography and video shoots accordingly.

Only then add them to your social channels and then boost these posts with integrated paid ads that come on social media platforms (eg. facebook ads).

Add the car to your pre-owned inventory and hit the publish on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest. You may repeat these ads and posts at dissimilar intervals on multiple channels. That’s how you can finally sell your used car with the power of social media!


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