Benefits of Selling Your Car to Us, Instead of a Dealership

You would prefer to trade in our current car before investing in a new one. It’s simple math! Money that comes in this door, goes out the other for a shining new car! But how do you do it? Either you trade the car with a dealership or sell it privately to an individual. But did you know about a more viable and lucrative third option? It’s us – the cash-for-cars buyers and we belong to this league.

Before jumping into conclusions, let’s review the generic process most of you would follow in order to sell an old car.

  1. You drive down to a dealership
  2. You are made to wait and then asked to sign a bunch of papers
  3. You drive away with a new vehicle of the same brand home

It looks simple but isn’t! Did you dive deep to understand the dealership process yet or just took it by face value?

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The whole ‘selling-your-car-to-a-dealer’ process might include a trade-in credit which gets deducted from your down payment. This surely reduces the amount you would have financed. But how much difference does it actually make? In order to understand, let us dig deep into the advantages of selling your car to us – a cash for car buyer:

  1. You will for sure receive instant and higher cash in hand when you trade your car in with us. A dealer will be less interested in such a cash-in-hand deal. They will try to force a car of the same brand upon you, even if you are not interested. Besides, a dealer will not entertain an older model which will make your life a struggle in the process.
  2. We will make an offer irrespective of your car’s make, model and condition. Whereas most dealers will be choosy and picky while deciding upon a model that they do not desire, for they go by the list.
  3. With us, you can manage your expectations. We make the whole idea of selling a used car actually acceptable. In case your car has lots of issues and it needs fixing, we will wait for you to get it done so that we can come back later. A dealer in our place will reject the car outright. With us, you will not struggle to make your money back even after you pay for the reconditioning of your car. That is our guarantee.  
  4. A dealer is always trying to make huge profits daily – especially if you are buying a new car from them. They will determine your car trade-in value with a random ‘discount’ figure as decided by the dealer! This applies in your new car and you actually do not get to see the cash or figure, for you agree to pay for your used car as well as your new one. In the end, the dealer wins the match! With us, you will always be on the winning side. You will see the cash for your car, and a good amount which your car deserves. Simply put, the process is transparent and eventually you win.

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Therefore, trading in cars with a dealer is for those who are fine with less money for some saved time. Selling us your car for more money, more value for your time, less paperwork, a smooth RC transfer and get more cash to finance your next car as well!

Take advantage of our expert advice. Call us today and sell your used car at a great price point.

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