What to do with a broken car? How to sell a damaged car for cash?

An accident in a parking lot or on a freeway can damage your car.  Even a small scratch or a broken headlight can ruin your day in such circumstances. While repairing a small dent or damage is easy, repairing a completely damaged car can be a daunting task. But a good news is that’s completely doable by contacting the right cash for car service.  

End of life vehicles is commonplace in the market these days. While most of these cars are destined to be scrapped or crushed, some are bought readily by trusted buyers who are specialists in repairing and remodeling damaged and broken cars for reuse.

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Should you sell your broken or crashed down car?

Say for instance that your car was in an accident. It has all of a sudden become a non-running piece of junk in your garage. You have considered the idea of fixing it but the estimate is too high. In this scenario, it is best to sell it off to a crashed car buyer.

But where will you find such a buyer? Keep reading to weigh your options carefully.

The How

How to sell a damaged car for cash?

It is very simple. If anyone is interested in buying it, you can sell it in a piece to them. They may be interested to buy the car for its working parts.

While dealerships will refuse to buy your car, a cash for car buyer will do simply because they are not interested to make any profits upfront. They will readily pay to repair the car afterward and are ready to take the risk as they are seasoned agencies in the business. Besides, they know individual hobbyists and buyers who would like to buy a broken car and work on the same as a customizable project. Besides junkyards and auto salvage yards will also happily buy your broken car. The later want your car for the spare parts only. Rest of the remaining body gets crushed for recycling.

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The Why

Why should you figure out a way to sell your broken car?

  1. It is an environmentally friendly option.
  2. You can get a newer and better model.
  3. You can go with energy-efficient and cleaner cars.
  4. A new model will render better gas mileage and small carbon footprint.
  5. If your car is damaged beyond repair, the old beast will never get running smoothly again.
  6. The amount of money spent to repair an old car will easily fetch you a brand new car.
  7. If you have lost your car’s title, you may want to sell it to an individual or a cash for the car company. Dealerships and junkyards will not entertain you if you do not produce the title.

Now you know all the reasons why you should sell your broken and damaged car.  

How to find a buyer?

Below listed are some tips to help you locate a genuine buyer for your broken down car.

  1. Online Buyers: Check for local options and narrow down your search. If the online company has automated processes, it is a plus.
  2. Keep Documentation Ready: Exact documents needed to resell broken cars are different across states. Make sure that you establish ownership of the car. If documents are lost, get new ones before starting the resell process which includes driver’s license, most recent registration, the vehicle title and maintenance record.
  3. Assess Your Broken Car: Get your car checked by a mechanic and be thorough about its issues. Also, determine the car’s scrap value. You should know the exact damage your vehicle has incurred before approaching a buyer. The car has to be roadworthy and for that, you need to fix it a little at least.
  4. Get Quotes: Look for individuals, hobbyists, and auto salvage yards, locally or online. Call them up one by one to figure out interested parties.
  5. Handing the Car Over: Now that you are all set with a price and buyer, drive the car to the buyer yourself. They may offer more money for not having to pick up the car themselves.

If you are interested to sell your damaged car kindly call us. Our skilled purchasing specialists would be happy to help at any hour of the day.

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