Signs that your car needs a new starter motor?

There is no way that you can drive your car when its most critical component- The Starter Motor goes bad. Hence, it is beneficial to understand the main signs that could help you identify starter motor problems in your vehicle. Let’s look at the 10 common signs of a bad starter motor to help you answer the question, “does your car need a new starter motor?”

1. The engine won’t start even though the lights are on

The engine does not start even though you have the lights on. This situation indicates that the battery has some charge, and this charge is not getting to the starter motor to turn on the vehicle

2. The engine doesn’t turn over

The engine not turning over is yet another indication of a bad starter motor. This implies that the engine is not receiving any power from anywhere. Since the engine relies on the starter motor and when that electric current is not received, the engine doesn’t move at all.

3. Weird grinding noises

A bad starter motor might cause some weird grinding noises from the engine compartment. It is advisable that you listen closely, and if you feel that there are some metal-to-metal grinding noises, then there could be a problem with the starter motor.

4. Strange whining noises

Like grinding noises, you might even deal with weird whining noises, which means that the engine is not getting the required electric current to get started, and all it’s doing is just not cranking properly.

5. Engine overheating

At times you have a problem with the starter motor and also your engine is overstressed and looking for that electric current to get started, you might deal with engine overheating that could lead to smoking.

6. Oil leaks on the starter motor

Since the server motor is located somewhere close to the oil reservoir, there are many situations where the oil might leak inside the starter motor thereby damaging the starter motor very easily.

7. The starter motor doesn’t pause

The starter motor should stop immediately after it turns over the engine. If the starter motor doensot stop, a certain motor needs to be replaced because it cannot shut off itself immediately and automatically.

8. Solenoid is damaged

The starter motor happens to be linked to a solenoid. So, if there is a problem with the solenoid then there are issues with the starter motor as well. Therefore, we always recommend that you take care of it immediately.

9. Engine starts intermittently

Intermittent engine starts could also be related to a bad starter motor. Any strange behaviour from your engine is linked to many different components, one of which could be the starter motor.

Make sure that you know the signs that the starter motor of your car needs to be replaced.