Selling Your Car in New Jersey: Steps for Quick Cash

Are you a New Jersey resident looking to sell your car for some extra cash? You’ve come to the right place –! Follow these steps to learn how to sell your car in NJ quickly and easily.

Step 1: Prepare Your Car for Photos

Start by cleaning your car thoroughly. Remove personal items, vacuum the mats, and give your car a good wash. Take attractive photos that showcase your car’s best features. Remember, first impressions count!

Step 2: Organize Your Paperwork

Gather important documents like the owner’s manual, logbook, and service records. Make sure your car has been recently serviced and any minor issues are fixed before listing it for sale.

Step 3: Arrange for a Car Inspection, If Needed

Some serious buyers may want to have the car inspected by a mechanic. Work with the buyer to schedule the inspection.

Step 4: Complete the Sale

Once you have a serious buyer, it’s time to finalize the sale. Sign the back of the title to transfer ownership. Use a Bill of Sale NJ template to document the transaction, including buyer’s details, sale date, mileage, and price.

Step 5: Remove Your License Plates

Take off your license plates as part of transferring ownership. You can transfer them to another vehicle or return them to a motor vehicle agency.

Step 6: Wrap Up the Deal

Receive payment and complete the paperwork. Sign over the title, submit the Release of Liability to MVC, and get the bill of sale. The buyer will need to fill out their part of the title and submit the Vehicle Registration Application (Form BA-49) to a local motor vehicle agency.

Keep all receipts and records to prove you’ve sold the car and surrendered the plates. This ensures a smooth transfer of ownership.

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