7 Reasons why does a Car Tire Go Flat

Having a flat tire can put you in the most unwanted positions at times and when it happens it happens without any preparation which means you should know how to act in order to resolve this issue immediately. Below we have discussed some of the most common causes of a flat tire. 

7 Common Causes of a Flat Tire

1. Sharp objects cause punctures

One of the most common causes is driving over a sharp object. The sharp object can easily puncture your car’s tire leading to pressure escaping from the tire and leaving you with a flat tire.

2. The valve stem is damaged

Another common reason for flat tires can be a problem with the valve stem. No matter how much air you put inside the tire, this air will escape, and you will end up with a flat tire if there is a problem with the valve stem.

3. The tires are ripped

Sometimes the normal wear and tear are enough to cause a flat tire. Normal driving eventually tends to wear down the treads on your tires. Thus, proper maintenance and getting the tires rotated regularly will help to minimize wear and tear. 

4. Collision with another object

There is a very high chance that your tires might go flat in collision with another object. In such situations, you might have to replace the tire in order to avoid dealing with further complications. 

5. Tires are overinflated

Overinflation is also not good. You should check your owner’s manual and maintain the pressure accordingly in order to avoid any problems. 

6. Wheels alloys are leaking

There might be some issue with the wheels themselves. However, in the location between the wheel and the tire around the alloys, you can easily deal with some damages that get you to a point where you ask yourself, “why does my tire go flat?”

7. The road has potential hazards

Driving through path holes or uneven roads or even sudden debris can cause your tire to go flat. Therefore, it is important that you keep an eye on the road and avoid these things as much as possible. 

Make sure that you always check your car’s tires before driving in order to avoid any convenience while on road.