Why Doesn’t My Car Properly Go Into Gear Anymore?

Are you facing a situation where your car refuses to go into gear anymore? Here are a few reasons for this that will also help you in determining whether you should take your car to a mechanic or you can solve the problem yourself.

Reasons Your Car Won’t Shift Into Gear

    This is one of the most common reasons why your car doesn’t go into gear properly. If the fluid is leaking or low, it will cause transmission issues. You can easily check the transmission fluid yourself. Remove the fluid dipstick, clean it, replace it and pull it out again. Monitor the level, color, and smell. If the level is low, refer to your owner’s manual and add some transmission oil.
    You should take your car to the mechanic if you notice a black or dark brown tint or a burnt smell.
    There are many modern cars in which the transmission is controlled by high-tech computer systems. If the electronic sensor in your vehicle has failed, you will face transmission issues. Get your car checked by a transmission expert to identify any electronic sensor failure.
    Worn-out clutches are another reason why your gear is not working properly. The clutch consists of friction plates and steel plates that wear out with time. Due to this correct pressure cannot be exerted on the planetary gears, which decide which gear you are in.
    The transmission system of cars is designed in a way that the gears should fit together smoothly in different combinations. If you notice a strange grinding noise when shifting gears it means that the gears are misaligned and you should get it checked by a mechanic.

These are some of the reasons why doesn’t your car properly go into gear anymore. However, you can extend the life of transmission and avoid many problems by following a proper car maintenance routine.

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