How to Remove the Mold From Your Car?

Before you begin the process of cleaning or scrubbing the mold, ensure that the car is partially cleaned from the inside. Don’t forget to remove the trash, personal items, paperwork, and other belongings present inside the car. Also, ensure that you throw away anything that has mold growing over it. Make sure that you vacuum the carpets, seats, and other soft finishes thoroughly. Followed by inspecting the car for any leaks or damaged seals because the moisture that enters the vehicle helps the mold to grow further. Let us take a look at easy steps on how you can remove the mold from your car.

Removing the mold from your car

  • Take white distilled vinegar and fill your spray bottle with it. It is advisable to use a new spray bottle because any residue left inside the bottle from the previous cleaning session might cause issues. If you do not have vinegar in your possession then you can consider using bleach diluted in water, but it is recommended to test it out on a hidden spot of your car to make sure you’re not harming the car or its colors in anyways.
  • The next step involves is spraying the solution directly onto carpeting, seats, and any other surfaces where do find mold. Saturate the area thoroughly.
  • Now, use a scrub brush so that the vinegar solution works in the affected area. If need be you can spray more.
  • Let the surfaces dry. Also, if you happen to have a garage then park your car there safely and leave the windows down to allow fresh air to circulate in and out.

If you notice that the mold has been caused by something other than water or moisture leaking in, then it is advisable that you repeat this process to completely kill any odors. Follow this simple method, referred above to get rid of the mold from your car.

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