Before the winters arrive and the windshield of your car gets coated with frost and the driveway dusted with snow, it is the need of the hour to adjust to the chill beforehand and check out these below discussed top 5 winter car maintenance tips that you need to practice this winters to keep unwanted mishaps at bay.

  1. Consider Winter Tires

You should always consider winter tires for your car for the winter months, As these so-called “all-season” tires do not actually do justice to the extreme weather conditions.

  1. Get your wipers ready

Ensure that the wipers of your car are ready for the approaching winters as the fog, snow and rain will cut down your visibility in winter. 

  1. Ensure that the battery is fully juiced

The Winter season tends to put more stress on your car’s battery, particularly if the car is parked outdoors at all times. Avoid these unwanted situations by getting a proactive check of your battery before the winter. In the event that you find your car’s battery is going south, then you can replace it at your convenience. 

  1. Check the antifreeze 

It is one of the most crucial factors that need to be taken into consideration. Be aware of the “Flush and fill” still pop-ups at the service stations and ensure that you check for the antifreeze. 

  1. Check the washer fluid

Ensure that you check for the washer fluid tank and refrain from using plain water in it. Also, if you are traveling somewhere where it is too cold, then it is advisable to pay attention to the label of the washer fluid. 

  1. Add a winter survival kit

You should make it a point to have a space blanket tucked in the glove compartment or some space that is in reach of the driver.  

  1. Wax the lights 

Waxing the lights is a prerequisite in winters as every last lumen you are capable of squeezing out of your headlamps is going to help you improve your safety manifolds. 

We assume that you find the article helpful and follow all the winter car care maintenance tips mentioned above to beat the extreme weather conditions.