How To Sell Your Old Car Before Thanks Giving This November, For Cash?

Experts say that spring and summer are the best times to sell your used car. Even the US News & World Report pitches the same. It says that the hot months bring in the best deals, but did you know that you could sell it now as well? A handful few buyers are still lurking out there to buy your old car and you still have a chance to roll it out before Thanksgiving. Don’t delay the process as the arrival of December would mean family budgets turn to gift buying. Before the cold and gray weather pushes your customers indoors, hit the iron while it’s still hot.

In order to sell your car in November, follow these steps:

Present well: Do not lose a potential buyer due to poor presentation of the car. Click good pictures, accurately describe the features of your car, wash your vehicle before selling it.

Our advice: Get a good shot while clicking a picture – capture the front, back, and sides of the vehicle. Also, click some images of the interior. Click with a flash or in daytime for good light. Wash your car before the photo session. Then write a clear description of the car, stressing well on age, mileage, price, and features.

Address all items well:  Fix tiny items, especially if they are prone to get noticed. For instance, replace squeaky brakes with new brake pads. Fix a broken tail light, repair dents or scrapes etc. A potential buyer will always compare this car to some other in their mind. You have to stand out.

Stay vigilant: Stay vigilant and be diligent. A phone call about the car should be returned asap. If you get an email enquiring about details, reply asap. In case you address the buyer in time, you will tap onto a serious, potential prospect. This will boost your chances of finding interested buyers at the right time i.e. right now – November.

Your communication should not fall through the cracks. You should not let your buyers move on to other less cared for vehicles instead.

Say no to the First Offer: You will receive lots of low offers from people. A buyer is always looking for a pocket-friendly deal, no matter how good your car’s condition is. They always flip the car for their own profit.

Our advice: Say no to such offers immediately. You may feel tempted to say yes, but please don’t. A shopper with cash on hand can play with your mind. Instead, go with an offer from a cash for the car buyer who is seasoned and reliable. They will never dupe you.

Now that you have figured out the best times in a year to sell your car, you must focus on the other more important aspects too. No buyer will buy a car from you without clear, updated and correct paperwork. So take care of the most important things like proof of registration, tags, and titles, your license plate number, the latest driver’s license (hopefully not expired) and auto loan companies as well, if at all applicable. Keep all your documents ready also notify your local DMV about the fact that you have already sold the car.

Your local DMV should know that your car is no longer under your ownership. This will ward off any misunderstandings and keep you safe from any mishap, which would include being charged the registration fee for the vehicle, accidents and the like.


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