How to Dispose Of Car Batteries Properly?

Want to dispose of your car’s non-functional batteries? Ethically, batteries are not disposable alongside household wastes and doing the same can cause some environmental and health hazards. Thus, it is important to figure out an appropriate way of disposing of your scrap car batteries. However, it would help to get the following done before ejecting these batteries.

Remove the Battery

Once an old battery isn’t capable of charging anymore, remove it with caution and consider replacing it. At first there might be potential leaks, so make sure that you protect your hands from coming in contact with the battery’s acid. Also, ensure that you get rid off negative and positive cable using a suitable wrench. Move further to inspect any “hold-down” accessories by keeping the battery in place; remove such and get the battery out. 

Store it Properly

Before getting rid off your old battery, it is important to store your old battery properly in order to to avoid leaks of harmful components as you transport the “dump location.”Be cautious on how you place the battery to avoid leaks further. Thus, it would be best to store it upright and keep it safe from any random movements while you quickly dispose of it.

Visit a Hazardous Chemical Municipality

There are several locations where you can drop off hazardous wastes within New Jersesurbhiy, and you can search for one near you and drop off your scrap car battery. This option is certainly one of the easiest you can think of, and they would handle these batteries appropriately without causing damage to the environment. 

Dump Old Batteries with Metal Recycling Establishments

Find firms that handle and give your old batteries to them. The best part is they give you cash rewards in return. 

Drop it Off at Your Retailer

Most of the retailers will keep your old batteries for free while others might charge you for the same. 

It is advisable to search for places to dispose of your car battery where it is for free and are willing to let you drop off your scrap auto batteries with them without charge.