7 Symptoms Your Car Needs a New Battery

Battery problems with your car are definitely the most frustrating ones that drivers might face and understanding what to look for when your battery is about to fail is the need of the hour. There are many symptoms that can indicate a battery failure. Take a look at the potential symptoms that you might suspect when your car’s battery fails.

1. The headlights are dimmer

This is one of the common symptoms indicating that your car battery is not functioning well.

2. Your vehicle cranks slowly

The car battery is responsible for providing the engine with the initial charge to get started immediately. But, if you realize that the engine is taking time to crank there are chances that there could be a problem with the battery. 

3. You need to press the gas pedal for your vehicle to get started

There are times when your car won’t start and you need to press the gas pedal for the same. 

4. Your battery dies frequently

In normal situations, your car’s battery won’t die frequently. However, if you wake up every morning and realize that you need to look at the battery because it’s not starting, this is an indication that your battery needs replacement.

5. Your vehicle does not respond when you turn the key in the ignition switch

The battery could be the issue causing this problem. If trying to pick off by this point, you should already know that your battery is about to die 

6. Your battery reached the end of its lifetime

Every battery has an expiration date so it will expire at the end of its lifetime. 

7. The battery terminals are corroded

As the battery gets older, there occurs some corrosion and rust around the battery terminals and the connections. It is recommended to check with the mechanic in such a scenario. 

The above discussed are some of the potential symptoms that your car battery needs a replacement. Therefore, you should make sure that you follow them all.