How to check your car’s oil level?

It is important that you check for all the fluids in your car every month as these are essential for running your vehicle’s engine. But there is one of the most important types of fluid that needs to be monitored is your vehicle’s oil level. Checking for the oil level is something anyone can do and by doing the same, you contribute to improving your car’s performance to a great extent, while protecting it against unexpected breakdowns and contamination of course.

Check Car’s Oil Level

Either insufficient or high oil levels tend to pose a lot of trouble for your car. To ensure that your car has optimum oil levels, make sure you do the following:

  • Firstly, park the car on a leveled surface and wait for a while till the engine cools down.
  • Followed by that, locate your dipstick, that you might find on the top of your oil tank. Typically, dipsticks are bright yellow rings.
  • Next, you have to pull your dipstick entirely out and wipe it off with a cloth or rag.
  • Lastly, insert the dipstick completely in, and pull it out.

The wiping process of the dipstick is crucial as, when the car would be running, oil might splash onto the car thereby making your reading inaccurate. Also, ensure that your dipstick’s reading ranges from L to F where L means low, and F means full. It’s advisable to fill your engine up to the close or at the F mark, but one must be careful not to overfill. Follow the four easy steps mentioned above to check for your car’s oil level and you are good to go.