Checklist for Selling a used Car in New Jersey

The process of selling a used car in New Jersey involves several steps, from preparing the car, collecting the papers and completing all the paperwork for its new owner. Speaking of documents, there are several papers that you need to prepare before releasing your car. Each document is important, so no matter how good the condition of your car is if a document or part of the information is missing, you will only be giving your prospective buyers a reason to look for another pre-owned car. To be more informed about the requirements needed to sell your used Car in New Jersey, the Checklist below is needed:

  1. Original Vehicle Invoice

When selling your used car in New Jersey, your prospective buyer will probably ask you for the original invoice, since it’s important to know the entire history of the vehicle. Confirm that it is legally registered and that you have the original stamps which you were given along with the plates. Make sure the invoice does not say the word “taxed”, as this may indicate to your potential buyer that you have not yet paid for the car. If you are still paying the financing, share this information with your buyer.

  1. Current Circulation Card

For security, the circulation card protects the drivers that the car is their property. Confirm that the circulation card is valid.

  1. Last Verification Papers and Paid Holdings

Nobody wants to be arrested for not having paid the verification. Also, if these documents are not up to date, you will not only create distrust for the buyer, but the offer will decrease since he (or she) will have to take care of the verification costs and fines.

  1. Sales Deed

The Deed of Sale is the sales receipt for a pre-owned car and contains the following information:

  •    Original purchase price and resale price
  •    Vehicle data: make, model and year
  •     Contact details of both the buyer and the seller
  •    Date of sale

In addition, you can include any other information that you as a seller or the buyer of your car consider necessary.

  1. Approval of the Insurance Company to the New Owner

If you are transferring your insurance, an endorsement from the insurance company will establish that the new owner of the vehicle will be responsible for paying the insurance from the date of sale. However, the simplest thing in these cases is simply to cancel your insurance and that the new owner hires his own insurance.

  1. Maintenance Records

Although not as necessary as the documents mentioned above when selling used the car in New Jersey, the maintenance records are useful to sell your car faster, and at the price you want. If you have kept maintenance and repair records, you will immediately establish a good relationship with the buyer. Service records show buyers that the car was well taken care of and is likely to have no problems in the future.

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When you have everything ready, not only will it be easy to gain the buyer’s trust, you will also make the sales process easy for both of you. Of course, there are other steps that should be taken when putting the car on sale. Make an effort to get the car ready and thus achieve a higher price. This is what you need to do:

  • Get a good first impression

First impressions are important for both new and pre-owned cars. Maybe you do not have a showroom, but you still have to make the car look impressive. A car in good aesthetic conditions will make you have many potential buyers

  • Put yourself in the place of your buyer

Try to put yourself in the shoes of the potential buyer and try to understand what goes through your mind. What do you need to be interested in buying your car? When you have a clear idea of who your buyer is and what they want, you will be better prepared to provide them with the best answers, and by doing so, you will be able to sell your car faster.

  • Investigate the right price for your vehicle

You need to know the real market value of the brand, model and year of your car if you want more buyers to be interested in your vehicle. Use car sales sites to see how much other owners who have the same model in New Jersey are asking for.

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In conclusion, the checklist and general information highlighted above is important when selling your used Car in New Jersey to an individual or an agency. Hopefully, they can help you increase the chances of reaching more potential buyers and also make the sales process quick and smooth.

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