What are the things to take care of before selling a car?

Want to buy a new car and get cash for a car for your old car? Selling a car and getting the best value for it is not at all easy. It’s very time consuming and asks for a lot of effort. From finding the right buyer to keeping all the paperwork in place, selling the car requires a lot of patience and effort. But need not worry, we will make your car selling decision easy. Consider these points while selling your old car.

Market Estimate

Before selling your old car, study well about the price going in the market for that particular model. Also if you have spent extra on any part or in up-gradation of your car, add that cost to the market price of your used car. This will give you an idea of the value of your used car, and accordingly, you can ask for a suitable price from the buyer.

Condition Of Car

Your old car should not look like an old car, because the buyer is definitely going to judge a car by its outer condition. Cleaner the outer condition of a car, the higher the value you are going to get for it. A clean car immediately attracts the buyer and also says a lot about the seller. So make sure you keep your car clean and polished with all the necessary accessories like aux, charger and music system in a good condition.


Documents are the first thing that is asked for after looking at the condition of the car. For a clean transaction to happen, documents are the utmost necessity. Documents of the car include the year of manufacture, model, color, valid insurance, engine number, mode of payment, mileage at delivery and total payment due (if any). If all these documents go well in place, the buyer is not going to make a second thought for buying your old car.

Car’s Interior

Make sure the car looks perfect from outside. Take your car to a car wash center, and get your car clean from inside and outside. If there are any dents or scratches make sure you fix them before the buyer sees it. It may cost you a little but the amount can be easily covered so you don’t have to worry on that note. You can also polish your car for the best results because polishing adds to the beauty of the car.

Car Insurance

Keep car insurance papers up to date so that you can show them to the buyer and be safe from your side. Once the buyer agrees to buy your car, the first thing you need to do is to transfer the car insurance papers to the buyer within 14 days so that no confusion occurs in the future.

Behavior and the way of communication speaks a lot about a person. Deal with the buyer politely so that he gets comfortable with you and there is no place for confusion. Keep these points in mind before selling and you’re ready to go.

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