What to Do If You Lost Your Car Title in New Jersey?

A car title is one of the most important documents as it legally makes you the owner of your vehicle. It includes information like the owner’s name, address, contact, and other relevant data. You may wonder what to do if you lost your car title in New Jersey. In that case, you just need to follow the given procedure to recover your lost car title.

How Can You Replace a Lost Car Title in New Jersey?

  • As soon as you notice that you have lost your car’s title, apply for a title replacement and complete the required application form (OS/SS-52) which can be found online or with the local department of motor vehicle office (DMV).
  • Be sure to carry current registration papers and proof of car insurance to show at the office.
  • In case, if you have leased a car, you should also provide a statement from the representative who owns or has paid for the car.
  • If you want to recover your car’s title in New Jersey and you are an out of state resident, along with the mentioned documents above you should also submit a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and a statement from the owner that states why the vehicle is registered and titled in different states.
  • In case the car was previously registered and you have no proof of ownership, you should first file a Vehicle Registration Application Request and then request your car’s title.
  • Once you have provided accurate information, you should pay the required fee to receive your duplicate title.

This whole process can be done by visiting your local department of motor vehicle office or you can mail the required documents along with the fee. So, don’t waste your time in getting a new title for your car as you can easily and quickly file an application in NJ and prevent complications by just following some simple steps stated above.