What steps to take if you are injured in a rideshare accident in New Jersey?

Ride-sharing applications such as Uber and Lyft have changed the manner in which we travel. The convenience of these services has made them popular and everybody has benefited from ridesharing, whether it be drivers or passengers.

Rideshare drivers are more prone to accidents as they pay more attention to their cellphones while looking for directions and setting up a new ride. They even have multiple cell phones attached to their dashboard which causes distraction.

However, here are the following steps you should take if you are injured in a rideshare accident in New Jersey.

Injured While Ridesharing in NJ

  • STEP- 1
    The first step should always be the same whether it is a rideshare accident or a normal one. Your safety and the safety of other people involved in the accident should be your primary concern. Call an ambulance right away if you or any other person involved is injured.
  • STEP- 2
    The next step is to call the police so that the officer can compile a statement of the accident scene. Take the pictures of the accident yourself if you’re comfortable and in a condition to do so. Make sure to highlight the cars involved in the accident and the physical damage caused.
  • STEP-3
    Don’t forget to take the driver’s contact and insurance information and make sure to take a screenshot of the receipt as proof to show that you were a customer of the rideshare program.What To Do After A Car Accident in New Jersey? 
  • STEP-4
    Take the information of everyone involved in the accident. This is very important especially when the injuries you get are serious and you don’t want to burden yourself with the medical costs. It will help you to get any of the damages you owed.
  • STEP- 5
    The next step is to consult a skilled accident attorney in New Jersey as the insurance companies are often reluctant to pay you the right amount you owe. So in case you are injured don’t wait for the medical bills to pile up and seek professional help so that you can get the compensation you deserve.

No doubt, rideshare services have made our life easier and an accident can happen to anyone. But you should be aware of the basic steps so that you can save yourself from further complications and get the compensation you are entitled to.