Step By Step Procedure To Sell A Car

If you are looking to get rid of a vehicle you don’t want to drive more and you are planning to sell your car then there are some steps you should take care of while selling your car.

Selling an old car is not so tough. With a little investigation, the process can be simplified and you can get the most profit. The below step-by-step procedure can help you along the way.

Check Value Of Your Car:

Before you can determine whether or not the practice will be worth the effort, you will need to find out exactly how much your car is worth. If your car is not worth as per your assumption, then you should judge it for trade-in value at a dealership.

Collect the Paperwork

You should collect all the necessary documents. You should gather everything you will need to finalize the transaction if you decided to sell your car to an individual.

The documents may include Maintenance records, bill of sales, Release of Liability, warranty documents etc.

Get your Car Ready:

A clean vehicle looks always pretty to potential buyers and gives a solid impression. You should detail the exterior or interior of the car before you list your car online.

Cleaning includes cleaning rims and tires, windows, wash old floor mats, Vacuum the floor, seats etc.

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You Must Take Pictures

After detailing and cleaning the car, you will have to take pictures of the vehicle from different angles. This will put a positive effect to promote the vehicle and attract the consumers. The pictures Include Front, Rear, interior, front and back seats, engine, carpets, dashboard, trunk etc.

Find a Place to Advertise Your Car

To advertise your car in the proper way, firstly find an online classified platform where the chances of finding buyers are the most. Along with the classified ad, you can choose other options too where the buyers may be present.

Create an Advertisement

Creating an attractive ad is essential for buyers, and it starts with knowing the facts of your car inside and outside because a detailed description always leaves an excellent impression on your buyers and increase the chances to grab them. Keep it accurate too.

Be sure to include the following information like price, Mileage, Condition of the vehicle, VIN number, history of any damage or accident, any repairing etc.

Screen Potential Buyers & make A Sale pitch

Now after posting an advertisement, you must be ready to respond to the inquires. You should follow them up by phone, email etc.

Get the information of the person including – person’s full name, Clarify forms of payment, an area where he/she lives etc.

Also if a buyer comes over and looks at the car, use the chance to make a sales pitch. At that time, inform the buyer of why your vehicle would be a better purchase than others.

Finalize the Sale

You will have to finalize all the paperwork if the sale has been agreed upon. When payment has been completed, you will need to:

Complete the bill of sale, sign the title, filling out Release of Liability, provide warranty documents, maintenance records etc.

Following the above steps, you will be able to sell your car easily.

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