Safe Ways to Accept Payment When Selling Your Car

To get the payment safely for your used car is only one that is safe payment method agreement before meeting to your car buying. Also no to allow yourself to be forced to change your plans of payment.

Some people are very tacky they know how to convince someone to accept the payment according to their ease. But you should aware about that you never accept the payment which is not worth to you. You should aware from fake bank drafts or personal checks that can be the bounce.

If I am speaking in detail that the best method to accept the payment for your used car is mentioned below. You should only accept payments from those methods.


Cash is the best method to accept payment for your used car. Cash is like the king. There is no chance of fraud or loss. But never trust so much that way when you accept payment then meet with them in the CCTV cameras area for proof.

Most of the buyers do not carry hundreds or thousands of dollars in this case you should go with bank drafts or escrow service. For another alternative, you should ask your buyer for online transfer on the spot.

Bank Draft

The next best option is banker’s draft. It is different from the personal check. Banker draft is a guarantee from the bank that tells your buyer account is not empty. Buyer has amounted in their account. And when you demand your amount the bank will pay.

This only applies when you are double sure for your banker draft is genuine. And this bank pays for the used car too. To ensure for this thing you should go with your buyer in their bank and analyze on the personal level.

Now it is an old way of payment. Bank retired this form of payment from last few years. Now, this option almost disappears.


This is a very safe, secure method of taking payments for the used car. Sometimes in this process, some fake escrows are involved where buyer sent their money to someone but they do not get the car they final from advertisement. As a seller, you do not have any risk but for a buyer, this is a risky process using escrow services. So it is a good idea to you as a seller.

For used car transfers use well-known escrow services. You can recommend your buyer for escrow service. But if your buyer chooses any escrow service then you do not need to worry because it is very safe and secure method for you.

But at last, nothing can beat the process of cash for used car method.  And as I said cash is the most prominent or ideal method of payment as a seller.

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