How To Make An Old Car Shine Like New With Car Polish?

Keeping your car’s paintwork looking fresh and clean helps to preserve the car’s value and creates a good social impression. It is never too late to put the shine back on your car. Follow the simple steps to make an old car shine like new with car polish.

Make old car shine with car polish

    The first step is to wash your car with car shampoo. This step is important for giving a perfect shine to your car. There are many car shampoos available in the market but it is recommended to use a glossy one and rinse thoroughly for better results.
    Examine the paint of your car with your hands after washing and drying it. If you feel imperfections or the paint is not perfectly smooth, use a clay lubricant or clay bar to remove the surface contamination. It helps to remove all the imperfections on the car’s surface like tar, sap, and road grime.
    The most important step to make your car shine like new is polishing. Polishing helps to remove blemishes, surface scratches, and swirls. Use the best microfiber cloth or pad to apply a light coat of polish in small circles to a one or two-foot area and use another microfiber cloth to buff it off. Check the surface of the car and repeat the process if needed.
    Waxing creates a protective surface over the car which shields it from dirt and enhances the new shine. Waxing also protects the car paintwork from harmful UV rays. You can apply the paste wax or spray wax and follow the same process as polishing.

Follow the above-given steps to create a glass-like shine on your car and give it that luxurious feel. Remember not to do any of the steps in direct sunlight as it will not bring out the best results.

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