10 Hygiene tips for drivers to protect them from Corona-virus

The outbreak of Corona-virus has quickly shifted the lives of people.Apart from adopting daily routine hygiene practices like washing and sanitizing hands from time to time,social distancing and self quarantining car drivers need to know that their car is a breeding bed for many germs and viruses.

Hence, let us have a glance at few important hygiene tips that drivers need to follow to protect themselves from the Corona-virus.

Tips for drivers to avoid Corona-virus 

  1. Keep a hand sanitizer gel which is alcohol based in your pocket or in your car,so that you can use it at regular intervals.This allows you to maintain proper hand hygiene thereby keeping all the bacterias, germs and viruses at bay.
  2. This is one of the foremost things that every driver must ensure.Wipe the surfaces or the common touch-points regularly.This is very crucial as it helps in killing the harmful bacteria and also if the vehicle is shared between many people.
  3. Ensure that you use gloves and masks as a precautionary measure when fueling up your vehicle at the petrol pump to avoid any sort of encounter with the bacteria.
  4. Ensure that you clean the Air Conditioner vents at regular intervals.
  5. There are very high chances of viruses surviving on seats.So,keep one thing at the top of your mind i.e to sanitize the car seats always before entering the car.
  6. Hoover the foot-wells of the car at regular intervals as they are the most prone to accumulation and multiplication of bacteria.
  7. Allow fresh air to circulate in the car,this way the drivers who are on a long journey get benefited.
  8. If you catch a cough or sneeze,ensure that you do that in your elbow,or in a disposable tissue.This will protect you from infecting the potential people with you in the car.
  9. This is a very crucial point.Try to minimize your trips or travel with unwell people as this way there are a lot of chances of you being infected from the germs and viruses that they might transmit.
  10. Carry a mouthwash and a floss with you always when on road trips and also ensure that you are eating well and cutting on sugary and starchy foods.

All the drivers are hereby requested to follow the simple above mentioned hygiene tips and help protect themselves from the Corona-virus and its associated disease COVID-19.

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