How to Use Car Indicators?

Indicators are basically a non-verbal means of communication for people sharing the road to understand each other’s intentions well. Being a universal language for all drivers, indicators help in notifying the intent of the driver driving the car thereby making the driving experience safe for all the drivers on the road. Let us take you through a comprehensive guide on how to use car indicators proactively.

Right time to use indicators

  1. Use respective indicators when turning towards left or right, this helps the other people on the road to know about where you intend to go.
  2. Before making a U-turn drivers must indicate that they are turning beforehand as a sign to other drivers who may pass by ahead.
  3. At roundabouts make sure that you are indicating the side you will be getting on and also indicate when you are about to exit.
  4. If you intend to change lanes or make a turn, it is advised to indicate well before. So that other drivers get time to slow down their speed or maybe can make a room for the vehicle to pass.
  5. Drivers who wish to overtake other cars should indicate the direction well in time or from where they are overtaking so that other cars and vehicles on the road that is behind them know about their intentions and can give them the way.

Apart from the left and right indicators, there are many other indicators that are installed in the car. Let us have a look at all such indicators in your car.

  1. The taillights of the car are turned on whenever you press the brakes. This is an indicator for all the people behind to slow down their pace.
  2. To travel safely on roads it is very essential that you make use of all the indicators efficiently. Every four-wheeler comes up with a hazard sign that is a red triangle and glows when light falls on it. It is a very helpful indicator in case of hazards,mid-road blocks, etc. to warn other people coming up at high speeds.

One of the most important things that every driver should always keep at the top of their mind is that indicators should be well beforehand so that the other cars also get time to adjust accordingly. If you are not following this properly, you might end up having a roadblock, confusion, or in the worst case a collision.

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