How to Protect Car Paint

It is certainly not an easy job to get the paint job done for your car. Getting a new paint job done for your car every now and then can cost a pretty penny. Have a look at these tips to protect the paint of your car and ensure to follow these tips so that the paint of your car remains as good as it had been when you bought the car or after several years of ownership.

Tips to protect car paint

  1. You can use a car cover when parked. Undeniably this is one of the simplest yet effective things one can protect the paint of the car.
  2. Wash it thoroughly on a weekly basis. Don’t use household detergents in car washing.
  3. Do not skip the drying part after your car is washed. People generally skip this part, but this is very crucial.
  4. You can use a clay bar to clean your car, it helps you in getting rid of the unseen contaminants.
  5. Wax your car every six months to be on a safer side.
  6. You can also make use of paint protection film to protect the paint of your car.
  7. Ensure that you clear the coat protector. It is essential as they are prone to oxidation and are way sensitive to scratches. It is still not the permanent substitute, wax needs to be done to protect the car’s paint.
  8. Vinyl Wraps is yet another option that protects the paint of your car. Not only do they offer a different color to the car but also protects the original paint of the car.

Lastly, the choice is yours. It depends solely on you how dedicated and responsible you are towards maintaining and taking care of your car. The most important tips that you should practice in everyday life from the above-mentioned list is that you need regular washing and besides using a car cover is essential when the car is parked.


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