Difference Between Car Wax & Car Polish

Car wax and car polish, both are designed for a specific purpose. People often use these terms interchangeably. You might be confused about what your car needs, waxing or polishing or both. To clear your confusion, here is the complete guide on which is better for your car (wax or car polish).

Car Polish vs Car Wax

It is used on the car after cleaning and polishing it. It helps in providing the protective layer to your car. The most common ingredient found in car waxes, carnauba wax helps in making the wax water-resistant and gives it an excellent finish. Most of the car wax comes with UV inhibitors that protect the paint from the sun’s rays.

Car wax helps in giving a smooth and glossy finish to your car. It is ideal to wax your car from 2 to 4 times a year but make sure not to do it in direct sunlight.

It is perfect for removing minor scratches and swirl marks from the car’s surface. It works in a gentle way by removing a very thin layer of the paint. Car polish may vary in level of abrasiveness. Non-abrasive polish doesn’t contain any ingredient that can abrade the paint and is safe to use. However abrasive polish can physically erode the paint.

Make sure to use the polish carefully and it is not recommended to polish your car frequently as the result after a proper polishing lasts for about a year.


Wash your car and let it dry. Make an inspection and if you feel the surface is smooth, you need to only apply wax and if there are scratches or any irregularities, the car needs to be polished before applying wax.

The above-given guide tells the which is better for our car. And also, it can help in increasing the value of your vehicle and it also enhances and protects the appearance of the car.

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