Best Cars in New Jersey for Dog Owners

When it comes to selecting cars in New Jersey for dog owners you need to make sure that the car is dog-friendly and your furry companion is safe and comfortable.

There are some features like an airy cabin, fold-flat seats, etc that you should keep in mind before buying.

Some Must-Shop Cars in New Jersey for Dog Owners:

  • Subaru Outback
    Subaru Outback is one of the most reliable and safest cars which is suitable for all weather conditions. It is spacious and has many pet-friendly accessories like a wide low-load floor which will help your dog to stretch out and a pet barrier.
  • Kia Soul
    Whether you are riding in your town or going for a weekend trip with your pet, Kia (The soul) is one of the best choices. It has a sunroof which brings fresh air and sunlight so that your dog doesn’t hang its head out of the window. It has a large rear hatch and can easily accommodate tall dogs.
  • Honda Odyssey
    It has very nice interior features like comfortable seats, cargo space, and rear ventilation. It also comes with an innovative built-in vacuum system which is a plus point, if your dog sheds excessively you can clean up very easily and effectively.
  • Volvo V60
    Volvo V60 comes with rear climate control and cargo space. It also has pet-friendly accessories like dog gates, an optional dog barrier, and protection covers. It is also very safe as it includes the feature of steering support.
  • Seat Ateca
    The Area was awarded the best car for families in the AutoTrader New Car Awards in 2019. It has a spacious interior, standard pet pack, and protective seat cover. This car meets all the needs of dog lovers.

So, above are some of the top picks of best cars in New Jersey for Dog Owners. Make a pet-friendly choice and buy a car that offers a safe and comfortable environment for you as well as your dog.