Best tips to Prevent Wrecking a Car

As a matter of fact, it still bothers us to let you know that road accidents have witnessed a significant rise over the past few years. With the increasing traffic on roads it is very essential that you follow the tips mentioned below to keep accidents to a minimum or prevent wrecking a car.

  • Do not tailgate
    Leave a three-second pad among you and the car before you and begin driving your car sufficiently early so you don’t speed to make up time. As enticing as it might be when in a rush, tailgating or closely following a vehicle is a significant reason for car wrecks.
  • Make it a point to look back when reversing
    Don’t depend solely on car mirrors or the camera in your car, make it a point to look back when reversing a car. Also, look over your right shoulder to avoid blind spots while reversing your vehicle.
  • Perform Engine Maintenance at regular intervals
    Avoid abrupt mishaps or other vehicle issues by replacing the oil consistently and keeping tires appropriately inflated.
  • One hand should always be there on steering wheel
    One of the most important things to remember is that your one hand should always be there on the steering wheel. Lessen in-vehicle distractions, for example, changing radio broadcasts or CDs, phones, eating or immediately taking a hand off the wheel. A whirlwind, pothole, or a blown tire could send the vehicle into another path and cause a serious mishap.
  • Watch for those violating Red Light Signals
    Count to three preceding crossings on a green light. Look at the two different ways and be certain that nobody is attempting to speed through a yellow light. Exercise alert when passing semis. Truck drivers have a huge vulnerable side on their right-hand side, so be particularly cautious when driving close to an 18-wheeler. In the event that you can’t see the truck’s’ side mirrors, the truck driver can’t see you.
  • Pull into traffic at a slow pace
    Be aware of vulnerable sides, including those in back view mirrors and behind windshield columns or roadway street signs. Likewise, when at an intersection making a right-hand turn, look at the two bearings at any rate twice before continuing. Vehicles can show up practically all of a sudden rapidly, so practice alert when maneuvering into a bustling intersection.
  • Keep your eye on the road and be aware of road situations
    Pay attention to the road while driving by keeping your eye always on the road and avoid any sort of in-car distractions. Also, be well aware of the road conditions in advance. 
  • Follow Speed Limits and Traffic Rules
    Following Speed Limits and Traffic Rules is very vital when driving on the road to prevent car wrecks. An active mental presence plays a great role while driving a car and hence avoiding car accidents.
  • Never Drink and Drive
    Drive sober. Drinking and driving is one of the major causes of car accidents nowadays.

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