Best tips for cleaning cars

If you happen to clean your car regularly is very essential to keep your car clean and to know the best tips and techniques on how to keep your car clean, let us take you through a comprehensive guide that describes how you can keep your car clean.

  • Sanitize the dashboard
    Simply polishing or removing the dust is not going to help you get rid of the dust that is present on the dashboard. Being a high touchpoint area proper sanitization of this area is required at regular intervals.
  • Deep clean the mats
    Deep the mats of your car at regular intervals with the use of detergent and water, followed by rubbing it with a brush, and lastly rinse the mats underwater. Leave them in the open for a while to dry.
  • Clean under the hood
    Descale the dust, rust, and corrosion marks that you see on the engine and battery. Cola soda does wonder in helping you get rid of the rust marks and stains.
  • Keep the roof of the car clean
    We often tend to forget that the roof of the car is a part of the car and therefore needs to be cleaned regularly. Make sure you keep the roof of the car clean by using the appropriate cleaning material on the basis of the roof material i.e if it is plastic then use a damp microfiber cloth or if it is a weaving material then you can use a vacuum and later on deodorize with an antibacterial spray.
  • Clean the leather
    It is advised to have a leather cleaning kit in your car to keep the upholstery clean. Don’t forget to start off with pretreating the leather with a conditioner. Followed by this, wipe the ink lifter, and then apply the leather cleaner and then leather protection cream to the required areas.
  • Slide seats forward and cleans the waste
    You will be surprised to see the amount of dirt that has been out of your sight all this while. Use a brush and a vacuum to get rid of the junk that has been accumulated under your car’s seats.
  • Brush out the air vents
    Air vents are definitely the real magnets for dust and dirt. Take an artist’s brush and try to get rid of the dust that you might see accumulated on the air vents by brushing it off.

Ensure that you are following all the tips and tricks discussed above to keep both the interiors and exteriors of your car clean and contamination-free at all times.

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