What are the basic things every car owner should know about car maintenance?

Keeping up your car the proper way isn’t just useful for the car however contributes much more than that in keeping the surroundings clean. Other than having decent resale esteem, a well-maintained car helps in limiting the odds of the side of the road crises. We will introduce before you a far-reaching guide on the most proficient method to appropriately maintain your car. For this, we have assembled a rundown of top significant hints that a car owner needs to follow to guarantee the wellbeing of the vehicle.

Let us start off with the rundown and view the important things that you have to know for keeping up your vehicle the correct way.

  1. Add windshield water fluid as per the requirement.
  2. Replace windshield wipers
  3. Keep a check on fluid levels and refill them as per the requirement from time to time.
  4. Check the tire pressure at regular intervals and ensure to maintain it at factory indicated levels
  5. Replace the air filter for the free-flowing supply of oxygen that is essential for internal combustion 
  6. Inspect the cooling system of the car at regular intervals.
  7. Regularly wash your car and wax it at regular intervals to maintain the shine of the car.
  8. Replace brake pads if required
  9. Check the lights including the headlights, indicators and rear ones if they are functioning properly.
  10. Battery Maintenance is essential from time to time.

Above mentioned are some of the basic car maintenance tips everyone should know about and make it a habit to practice them for maintaining their car.

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