15 Important Tips To Buy A Car at Best Prices

I dislike the process of buying a new car. Especially dealing with those salesmen who make over smart or behave unpleasantly. That is the reason people avoid to buy a new car. We all know when we think to buy a new vehicle then you must perform all recommendation whatever needed.

There are 80% chances when you buy a car then you face some problems. But I am sure that if you read this article carefully then you get tips and tricks to get the best deal when you buying a car.

Tips for buying a car:


This is the first most important step to buy a car. And you need to know that knowledge is power when you deal with anything. So you must know about your requirements and prices for that. And to do this you can go online and gain knowledge.

Our focus is on the invoice price of the car instead of MRP when you consider to buy a new car. Invoice price is the actual price what dealer pays to the manufacturer. This research you can get when price negotiation begins.

But when you consider buying the used car then you need to acknowledge about the resale value of specific car model. This will be helpful to you and make a major point to bargaining.

Pre-Financing Options:

Almost people try to finance with car dealer when they buy the car but this is not a good option. Because car dealers have higher rates then you bank and credit unions. So you must try first your bank and credit union to know their car loan rates.

You can go online and try to find the best option that will help you to pay minimum loan rates for your car. There are many websites who always updated with interest on a car loan you can write that in notes or keep in your mind. That will help to negotiate the lower car interest rate.

Buy From Nearer Store:

when there is an emergency to buy a car from nearby location or shop around. Then know the car price exactly. Because dealers fix the price according to their location. And you can check this thing that price varies according to location.

Negotiate For Best Price Of The Car:

Buying a car is not easy because this is the property that we care and max 5 to 6 years we never want to resale. Negotiation is very helpful to lower your car loan rate if you know how to deal with the salesperson. Tell the salesperson that you really want to buy not only taken ride.

Say everything with confidence without hesitation and do everything which is possible that will help you to decrease your interest rate. If your dealer gives you an offer that you can pay this amount with a 60-month loan then you can talk with him about 48 months loan with the same amount.

Choose the best from a new and used car:

Everyone has their own opinion about the car. But I think you should choose your car according to your budget and your requirements that you needed with your car.

Check if all the requirements are fulfilled with the old car then you must go with old model because it will help you to save your money. But if you think that you should go with new and your budget accept your choice then never think twice and go with your choice.

Purchase Vichele on purchase price never purchase based on monthly payments:

Car salesmen have a very bad quality or their habit that they always try to deal on monthly payment basis with their potential buyers. Like they said you can purchase this model with 72-month loan rate.

But you never misled with their sweet conversation. Always try to do your deal on the basis of the purchase price, not the monthly payment. Because we don’t know about hidden cost or any other charges like tax etc. And they never tell you unless you ask them.

Best Source is Internet:

Online is the best option to buy a car. Because here you can prevent yourself from annoying car dealers and secondly online car salesmen have their salary and some bonus after they make a sell. So they never tell you extra charges. And the other hand if we go to local car dealers then we know very well that they add their commission in car price by telling us many of things.

Do not worry about online buying because if you buying online then you can also take a test drive of the car and you can check the car parts externally and internally.

You also can get the benefit of same services that you can get if you buy it offline.

Never Mention Your Trade

In at First:  If you mention your trade-in first before buying then car dealer use this thing against you. Like if your budget is $22000 and you tell this thing to the car salesmen then he must be used it and give you a $20000 price car in $22000 by adding charges.

But if you don not telling him then you can negotiate the price and maybe you can grab a deal with $18000 for the same product. So keep in your mind a thing that firstly negotiates the best deal you can get and then use your trade-in.

Know The Factors of Insurance Cost:

Insurance price is matter because it is based on your car purchase price.  Means it depend on your car price. Go online and check premium insurance by filling details like your car model, brand, your information like your age, marital status, gender etc.

Almost sports car has higher premium insurance then the conventional car. But some conventional car have higher insurance they have their different reasons.

Avoid Sudden Purchasing:

prevent sudden buying because this will be harmless to you. When you buying a car suddenly without analyzing above things then maybe you take the wrong decision. Always crack this type of deal after thinking everything. Research about the car brand, model, facilities and specialties then make a purchase.

Never waste money on Add-Ons:

Your car dealer always tells you add-ons that you should use in your car. But not every add-on is needed. So you must check that which is needed and which is not.

According to your requirement, you should spend money. Rear Cameras, rust proofing and other all add-ons that are not useful. To prevent yourself from these wasting.

Never go with extended warranty offer:

If your car dealer offers you extended warranty for your car then never accept this because it is not profitable, very expensive even worse. When you buying a new car so it comes up with manufacturer warranty. Or if you buy a used car so still dealer resale it with some manufacturer warranty.

Take a test drive in your car:

When you buying a car then every people should take a test drive. If you are with your children then must take the test drive with them. Because their comfort is important. If you feel a little bit discomfort then you replace that option with another one.

The test drive is important and we can check some points like:

The seat should be comfortable.

The car should be smooth.

Mirror accept the views from all the angles.

Control should be easy.

Handles and breaker work properly.

Visit the mechanic when buying a used car:

When you buying a used car then surely check that from your mechanic before buying. Your mechanic inspects the car properly. Your mechanics will guide you the problems with the car and you can fix the price after completing your mechanic process.

Go with your budget:

Never go outside your budget means choose the best in which your pocket affords.  If you go outside your budget then you never maintain your balance and maybe you regret your decision of buying an expensive car. So it is the best option that goes with you with your budget.

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