Tips for Preparing Your Vehicle’s AC

The last thing you would ever want is to show up with sweat stains anywhere you go. Be it work, school or somewhere for pleasure, you would certainly not want to smell bad. Thus, it is necessary to test your vehicle’s air conditioner every season and ensure its smooth functioning. There are certainly a variety of issues that can come up in a vehicle’s cooling system, so in order to avoid them it is recommended that your car’s air conditioning system is running correctly. Some of the most common problems that you might encounter are:

  • The car is not blowing out cold air
  • There is a rattling noise, 
  • The air smells musty and stale

Below mentioned are some top tips for making sure the air conditioning system is up to the mark and doing its task well of keeping you cool this summer.

  • Start with testing the fan’s speed to make certain they are all working – from low to medium to high.
  • Next turn the AC on the coldest setting and ensure that all the vents are blowing.  Also, if only the passenger vents are blowing cool air, then in that case it won’t do much good for you as the driver.
  • In the event that you smell a foul odor, it could be the sign of the presence of bacteria or mold growing in your system. In that case your vehicle should be given for checking. 
  • Also, check for the air filters. It is suggested that you change the air filters every 12,000 miles or so due to dust and debris that can get in there and clog up your system.
  • Check for any noise or rattling under the hood. If you hear something, this could mean that there is something broken or loose and it should be checked out.
  • Lastly, make sure that your system has no leaks.  

Make sure that you prepare your car’s AC well in advance, in order to avoid any problems or mishappenings.

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