Why the Steering Wheel Locked Up While Driving?

There can be situations when your vehicle’s steering wheel locked up while driving due to some mechanical issues with the car. If you find yourself in such a situation, then make sure you know the top common reasons, and based on that contact your mechanic as soon as possible.

3 Common Reasons behind Steering Wheel Locked Up While Driving

  • An issue with the Power Steering Pump
    At times, the power steering pump gets jam unexpectedly and this is one of the top reasons for the steering wheel getting locked up. It never used to be an issue earlier, as the vehicles didn’t have power steering back then. All you needed to do is maneuver the vehicle around corners was arm muscles. Though the power steering has made things much simpler for us but remember it’s a very delicate tweak and also when the engine dies off all of a sudden so does that pump while you are driving your car.
  • Making Sharp Turns
    Making sharp turns quite often can definitely take a toll on your car’s steering wheel thereby getting it locked. It also has an effect on the car’s transmission system and further hurts the engine badly thereby leading to your steering wheel getting locked up while driving. It is advisable to take slow and gentle turns and avoid taking abrupt ones and lessen the odds of getting the steering wheel locked up while driving.
  • Problem with the Car Ignition Lock
    This is yet another common reason why your car’s steering wheel gets locked up. The ignition also gets locked up. In this case, your car key is not capable of turning your car’s engine on or off. The mechanics refer to it as “sudden lock-up” and it is a very dangerous situation if it happens while the car is at a high speed. It is advisable to contact a mechanic if you notice any abnormalities with your car’s ignition.

Ensure that you are well aware of the top common reasons and contact a mechanic ASAP you find yourself in a situation of this kind.