How to Replace Lost Car Title in New Jersey?

A car’s title is proof that you are the registered owner of your vehicle and this is why it is extremely important to have one. But there can be instances where you happen to have lost or even worse the title gets stolen. What will you do in that case? There’s nothing to panic about as you can always apply for a duplicate title.

Replace Car Title in NJ

The process to file an application for a duplicate title in New Jersey is relatively simple and quick. You will be getting the title through the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) This option is made available to people who have either had their titles stolen or lost. Also, there are two ways in which you can process the replacement process for a lost car title in New Jersey. One is in person and the other by mail. Here’s a look at the steps involved with each.


In order to apply for a duplicate car title in person, firstly you need to fill out the Application for Duplicate Certificate of Ownership (Form OS/SS-52). Ensure you have your current registration papers in your possession to show to the office, alongside the proof of car insurance. Check for the fee and you will be able to pay it in person when you submit the application. You can also do this with your local MVC agency.

By Mail

In this method, all the same, steps are to be followed from above, right from filling out the form and including proof of auto insurance, including the fees, and then the entire package is to be mailed at this address:

State of New Jersey
Motor Vehicle Commission
Special Title Section/Duplicate Titles
P.O. Box 017
Trenton, NJ 08666

Also, in case you wish to find more or have any other queries about replacing a lost or stolen car title in New Jersey then you can visit the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles website.